20 Jun 2023


Hitech GP has spent the past decade establishing its pedigree in Formula 2, Formula 3, and Formula 4, and paving the way towards its F1 ambitions.

Hitech 26 is the project group within Hitech that is managing the team’s application for entry into the FIA Formula One World Championship from the 2026 season.

It represents the culmination of Hitech GP’s efforts to acquire all the right experience to race on the sport’s biggest stage and earn the respect of all F1 stakeholders, in particular the teams it aims to race alongside.

Alongside its clear performance objectives are those that speak to the kind of Formula 1 team Hitech wishes to be. It wants to go further in creating opportunities throughout its operation and is committed to playing its part in building a more diverse and inclusive sport, breaking down the stereotypes associated with a career in motorsport and enabling people from all backgrounds to get involved.

Hitech shares the desire and determination of the FIA and Formula 1 to accelerate changes within the sport and its events, and proactively contribute to the debate around sustainable practices and innovations. It intends to play its part in adopting and promoting best practice and raising environmental awareness worldwide.